March 21, 2018

NY, part 2 (Times Square, Top of the Rock, Stardust Diner and more)

We walked over 10 miles that first day in New York City. (Actually, I walked over ten miles seven out of the eight days of my vacation!). The streets of New York were so fun to walk! So much to see and take in. Much more than you can really appreciate in one day, but I would say we caught a glimpse of just about every big thing there is to see in NY in our short time there.

We made it to Times Square.

Out front of Radio City Hall this fabulous lady took our picture and directed us how to pose.

We went up the Top of the Rock for some pretty spectacular city views (and some extreme wind).

We walked by the ice skating rink at Rockefeller center.

Our lack of sleep was starting to catch up with us...

We wrapped our morning up with lunch at Stardust Diner. The waiters and waitresses perform Broadway songs while you eat. It was a cool atmosphere, but the food wasn't very good.