February 7, 2018

this girl is on fire

We went on a walk the other day and the sky was on fire. Breathtaking sunset!

Do you know who else is on fire? Layla. This girl is a firecracker. She is sweet and shy and then she explodes with emotion and joy and ideas.

Her most recent adventure involved a green marker in her bed at night. We checked on her way past her bedtime and she was covered in green marker (including her armpits and feet!) and she had baby powder on her forehead. I didn’t get a picture that night, but took one the next day of her armpit (??!!).

Most arguments she is involved in around here have to do with her wanting to hold and snuggle her baby sister. As soon as one of the boys has baby, Layla calls it out as not fair that they have more time with her (they don’t). But I’m glad she loves her so much. Layla is trying to be a really good listener so that baby can be moved into her room. 

Layla asked for a game out of the closet. Not to follow the directions and play, but to use the playing pieces to tell stories and play house. She has always had an imagination like this.

Oh how we love this girl and her imagination and emotions and antics and all!