February 1, 2018

these days

The days are long but the years are short. These are some precious times that I don’t want to forget.

Baby B sleeps in her bed in our room. Her bed has a canopy with three little bear heads hanging down. She loves playing with those things when she wakes up. She hits them with her hands and kicks at them with her feet.

Kyler and his favorite baby.

One night, kyler was over at a friends house and Kacin had a group of friends over here. Kacin and his friends decided to tp Kyler’s room. Ky appreciated that.

Eric currently has an obsession with the game bananagrams and makes us play it just about every day.

I work with the 10/11 year old girls at church and we took them hiking one Saturday morning. This hike on south mountain has some fun little rocks and caves to go through. 

My sister gave us this awesome gift of a book each month for 6 months. This is the first book she gave us. It kind of cracked me up to see Eric with this book in hand everywhere he went for awhile. Mostly because this is not the type of book that Eric would ever read. Jenny’s gift is helping to broaden our horizons.

I got to help in Layla’s classroom on the 100th day of school. Wow, this year has gone by so fast. 

Perry started soccer! I don’t why I worry so much about things like this because so often he proves to me that he is a rockstar and he can totally handle it. He is doing great on the team and loves when he gets to kick the ball during a game.

Eric took me on a date to downtown Mesa one  afternoon. The Mesa of my childhood will always have my heart. And this man will always have my heart, too. 

The next week I took E to the Riparian Preserve. It’s beautiful there at sunset. And we got to look through the telescope at the moon (amazing!). 


Layla and I built this amazing structure out of kapla blocks. These blocks are the best!

Kacin started wrestling at school. He is great!! He is wrestling varsity which means his points count towards the team. He has pinned some, won some, and been pinned a few times, but I’ve been so impressed with him. For only a few weeks of wrestling ever, he is amazing. I’m glad he gave this sport a try. And it’s been fun for me to learn about wrestling. Everything I knew about the sport was from watching Saved by the Bell. While Screech and Slater taught me a lot, I think I prefer watching Kacin out there. 

The school soccer season is also underway. Kyler’s team is undefeated so far! He shines when he plays soccer. 

Kyler and I went to the high school orientation night! That was lit. (Ky loves it when I call his school lit). I can’t believe he heads off to high school in just six months! Slow down time (because I’m not that old. Didn’t I just leave high school a couple years ago? Those 16 years have sped by since then.) I’m not too worried about him entering the high school years because he is an absolutely amazing person and will do great things. (We continue to get emails from his teachers singing his praises).

That was his mom-dont-use-the-word-lit face. This is the so-excited-for-high-school face.

Perry got his first ear infection. Poor boy.

These last few weeks have just been PACKED with lessons, appointments, meetings, sports events, church responsibilities, and all the day-to-day business of life. I admitted to my family this week that they may have to choose each week between clean clothes or dinners on the table. Who has time to do everything?? I'm hoping to breathe a little this weekend and catch up.