February 2, 2018

Six months

Happy half birthday to our baby B!

Six months with this precious girl—each and every day is a blessing to our family.

She is very generous with her laughs and smiles now. 

Her first tooth poked through. Another one looks like it will come through any day now.

She has finally learned to roll from her tummy to her back consistently.

She continues to be a champion sleeper at night and takes lots of naps during the day. She will sleep when we are out and about, but definitely prefers her crib.

She is getting better at eating, but isn’t the most interested in it. She had  a couple of days in which she preferred chewing on her bib the best. I would say her favorite food right now is probably puréed carrots (definitely not rice cereal).

She sometimes takes over with her bottle, but she’s quite content to let us feed her.

She is still in size 3-6 month clothes. 

She is such a little joy.