February 3, 2018

Nemo piñata

Kyler came home from his Spanish class with the assignment to make a piñata from scratch. If it was my assignment, I would’ve probably made a sloppy sun. But Kyler has a vision and an artistic ability much superior to me and he created Nemo. It started as a balloon that he put paper machete on. He added cardboard fins etc and then crepe paper for the color. The final product looked amazing!

His only glitch, which he was well aware of, was that when putting it together he accidentally put Nemo’s small fin on the wrong side. But that is easily overlooked I’d say!

My kitchen was covered in paper machete and mess for a week while he worked on the project in between soccer and school. Perry took a bunch of random pictures one day so you can see a little bit of it here.

I’d say the mess was worth the reward. I’m going to have to hire him to make me a piñata next time we have a birthday party!