January 25, 2018


I sat down this afternoon and wrote in my journal. It had been months since I did that last. I gained such a strong testimony of journal writing when I was a teenager. It felt good to sit down again and record some deeper things I can't put on this blog right now. But here's a few general thoughts I can record here.

We really are all children of God. Children of a loving God who knows us. Children of a God who wants us to learn and grow and so allows hard things to happen in our lives. Children of a God who always sprinkles beautiful things between the hard things for us to find. And we really are ALL children of God no matter our religion, race, color, age, abilities, and choices. So when something doesn't seem to be working out for me, maybe it's because it is someone else's turn (one of my brothers and sisters in God's family). I can be happy for them. And know that it will all work out for the best for me someday. I just need to be patient and trusting.

I, also, really do think that most people in this world are good and kind. Maybe that's why I get so shocked when people do things that are not good or kind. There was two extremely rude incidents that happened last sunday to someone Eric works with at church. It makes me sad because if that stuff happens with this boy, it could so very easily happen to our Perry. When someone is ignorant about a situation (like I am sure I am guilty of, too), they can say and do some pretty hurtful things. It was a good reminder to me to show more love to everyone around me, to remember that we are each children of God, and to be willing and ready to educate people about special needs and families affected by special needs.