January 11, 2018

These days

Layla brought me this picture she drew. It’s a zombie. She wanted to frame it and hang it above her bed. Ultimately, she drew a different picture and I gladly hung that one up above her bed instead.

Layla lined up all her baby dolls to play with them. 

The real baby just blended right in. I had to put my foot down when she wanted to put her doll clothes on B. 

Kacin started wrestling practice this week. It’s his first time wrestling and he is so excited to try out this new sport. I think this is right up his alley. Kyler has school soccer tryouts this week. We are humbly hopeful that he will get a chance to play soccer as an 8th grader at his jr high and anticipate a good season.

We had a few fun outings over the winter break. We went with cousins to the zoo.

My mom took Perry to Legoland at AZ Mills Mall as part of his Christmas present. He loved it and has told me multiple times how nice Grammie is to take him there.

Layla gave Perry a little surprise one night. And she always surprises me with her creativity and projects. She had wrapped up a candy cane and put it into this envelope. On the outside she wrote how she will take Perry to get spicy juice one day. And then she showed him how to use the flashlight to see a special picture you could only see with the light on. We do have a book that works like this, but it was very fun to see her try this idea out on her own project.

A need to sing some praises to Eric for a second. He is well ahead of the typical scheduled for his MBA program and should finish early. I’m so proud of him! And then he just received a promotion at work! All while he continues to be an amazing dad and supportive husband. And serves the YM at church. I don’t know how does it all! (But he will tell you his secret is copious amounts of caffeine in the form of Dr Pepper).

We celebrated my nephews 2nd birthday. He is the cutest.

We have seen so many hot air balloons around here lately. Perry and I love to watch them.

Layla got a new bike for Christmas and we’ve been trying to teach her to ride without training wheels. She has a lot of fear associated with this so progress is slow going, but I know she will get it!

I encouraged the boys to do something creative over the break. Kacin decided to make a treasure hunt through our house and neighborhood for Kyler, Layla, and Ben that ended at Taco Bell.