January 6, 2018

exploring arizona: montezuma's castle and well

In between christmas and new years, we had the chance to explore some gems of arizona that I've never explored before. And they were such amazing places! I really don't know why I've never been before. And it makes me wonder how many more spectacular places there are in arizona that I don't even know about. A world to discover right out my arizona back door...

We drove to Montezuma's Castle first. It was fascinating to see the "castle" on the cliff. But no wonder they built there--such a lovely spot.

We picnicked at a table amongst the trees before driving to Montezuma's Well. The view from the top of the well was amazing and it was interesting to hear the ranger share some information about the area. But I loved walking the trails down to the water areas the best.

Ignore the poison ivy sign and this spot was the most pretty, picturesque place I found. This picture does not do it justice. I adored this little place. It felt magical.