January 10, 2018

5 months

Oh, babies grow up so quickly!

Baby B is 5 months old.

She is patient with all of the kisses and hugs she is constantly attacked with (Perry). And always having someone in her face shouting "boo" trying to get her to laugh (Layla).

But she laughs all the time now.

She has hit 14 pounds which means she can be in the carrier forward facing and she loves that. I only have a picture of when she fell asleep though.

She is in size 6 month clothes.

She is the most easygoing baby and sleeps well through the night now (and on all of our walks).

She has held her own bottle for like 6 seconds a few times. 

Our dr suggested trying baby food with her. Every baby milestone is reached as a family so we all gathered around her to watch her take her first few bites of carrots. Ultimately, she was more interested in chewing her bib than in the carrots. 

She is, oftentimes, sitting in her bumbo as the centerpiece to our table during dinner. We love this baby so much!