December 6, 2017


I am an avid believer that anything Christmas should wait until after Thanksgiving. However, I am also a cheapskate and it was a much better deal to go to the Zoolights a few days before Thanksgiving. So we kicked off the Christmas season early on a Monday night in November at the Zoo.

I am still adjusting to life in the desert again. It was so strange not to be bundled up in boots and gloves and clutching my handwarmers as we walked through all of the magic of the christmas lights. Part of my family was in shorts! I am not complaining though because it was a beautiful night.

We got to do two things that night that we don't normally do--visit stingray bay and ride the carousel. Kyler, Kacin, and Layla loved touching the stingrays. Perry wouldn't get close to that water. Perry and B loved the carousel.

Every outing our family goes on seems to include at least one outburst from somebody. Is there some kind of rule in the universe that 7 people in one family can't all be happy and get along for two consecutive hours?? If so, I should just try to just make peace with that rule. But I can’t help hoping and trying for a little Christmas miracle this time of year. Maybe it is yet to come this month....But Zoolights was not our night. Unfortunately, Layla lost the privilege of riding the carousel that night.

I can’t end this post on that note. So instead I will end with two pictures of some dancing (by dancing I mean jumping, twirling, and, if you are over the age of 12, standing there and maybe scratching) around the giant Christmas tree.