December 4, 2017

welcome Harper Jo

We just welcomed a new niece and cousin to the world. Isn’t she adorable?

Harper Jo came in the middle of the night. While Jacqui and Josh were in the hospital, we got the cousins with us for two nights. The cousin twins were pretty thrilled about that arrangement.

Though I wasn't thrilled when they kept each other up really late and woke each other up really early (to sneak fruit snacks and gum).

I really need to apologize to my neighbors for letting five kids jump on the trampoline at 7:30 each morning. These kids had a lot of energy to burn. And they were not quiet about it.

I took Jacqui's kids to the hospital to meet their baby sister.

B got to meet her cousin, too. B is four months older than Harper and just four pounds heavier.

Welcome, Harper!