December 30, 2017

two birthdays

I really don't think anyone should have a birthday in December. But these two guys are definitely worth all of the trouble of adding two more celebrations to the week of Christmas. I am so glad they were both born and we were able to celebrate their 13th and 36th years on this earth.

I know this is a picture of all the Allred men and not just Kacin and Eric, but it's a favorite of mine.

I can't believe that now that Kacin is 13 we have two teenagers in the house. Kacin will make a pretty great teenager, that's for sure.

Jenny, Eric, and I had stayed up late talking so when midnight came around we decided to make sure we were the first to wish him a happy birthday. We woke him up by singing happy birthday and made him blow out candles on a cupcake. I only got a hilarious video of confused, sleepy Kacin. And I don't think he'd appreciate if I posted it here. But waking him up at midnight may become a new birthday tradition. :)

On his birthday, we took a couple of his friends to go play laser tag and then to eat dinner. Two hours of laser tag and they had a blast (Layla and Perry even played and had fun).

Layla has become our resident cake decorator and made Kacin's cupcakes.

Then we sang to him and gave him his gifts.

We love you, Kacin!

On Eric's birthday, we got to spend the morning hiking on a beautiful mountain at Lost Dutchman State park.

We took him to eat some bbq for lunch and then picked him up a costco pumpkin pie for his birthday dessert.

Eric is pretty loved, too.