December 23, 2017

These Days

Christmas Eve is tomorrow. I’ve been all ready for Christmas for a week now, except for two lingering small items. I was certain I would have them by now. But I don’t. And then we realized a few days ago that a few of my kids still have some shopping to do, too. So we will be hitting the stores this afternoon. Yikes. I’m hoping it’s not too bad out there!

B is still all smiles and laughs now. How much we all love our little cuddle bug!

Did you notice Layla wiggling her tooth up there? She has yet another (I think this will be number 5 or 6) wiggly tooth.

We got to spend some more time with our new niece/cousin.

I can’t believe it is actually B who is the big one here. We are used to her being the mini one compared to everyone else.

Sorry she got you, Harper!

Twin cousins holding really close in age cousins. 

Eric and I had to be in Phoenix for the day because we had two meetings we needed to be at, one in the morning and one in the early afternoon (sorry no details to share, but we got some good news at these meetings and some not so wonderful news).

 In between meetings, we gave my dad a call and invited him to go on a short hike. My sister had just gotten into town so she joined us, too.

Layla and Perry had a Candy Cane Fun Run on their last day of school before the break. B and I joined Perry for his 1.3 mile run and then met Layla afterwards (the kindergarteners have a different route from the rest of the school).

Yesterday was cleaning day around our house. It is my lifelong dream to have my entire house clean at one time (closets included!). Some days that dream seems completely unattainable. Yesterday we were the closest to hitting that goal as we have ever been. My kids loved all of the projects I made them do. I just hope we can keep things somewhat together like this over the break. But that would be a Christmas miracle.

At the end of our day yesterday, I took Perry and Layla out for a run. That was a bad idea and a good idea. The good part was the fresh air, the exercise, and our chase of the hot air balloon nearby. The bad part was the “race” they ensued which led to hurt feelings, yelling, and some pushing. But seeing that balloon so close was pretty exciting (we got much closer when we got to the end of our street).

We also were able to visit the Mesa Temple lights this week. It was chilly night here in the desert! 

They have a beautiful nativity display inside the visitor’s center. This was my favorite nativity this year. It is simple, but there is something that I love about seeing Joseph playing with his baby Jesus.

The temple is one of my favorite places to visit at Christmas time. It’s such a good reminder about what’s most important this time of year.