December 1, 2017

happy birthday to Kyler!

Our oldest turned 14 years old! Kyler is a really spectacular teenager.

14 words to describe him on his 14th birthday: responsible, leader, helpful, resilient, understanding, adventurous, hard-worker, reader, soccer, strong, caring, intelligent, inspiring, pure-hearted

He is the best oldest child one could ever hope for!

I am excited for him to be 14. It is fun to watch him grow up (admittedly, a little scary for me, too.). He moved on from Deacons Quorum and was ordained a Teacher in the Aaronic Priesthood.

I think he is happy to be 14 because it means that he is that much closer to being able to drive (yes, he is already talking about cars). But deep down I am sure he is excited to get to go to stake dances now (another milestone of being 14).

We celebrated on his birthday by going to an Escape Room. And we totally escaped from that Steampunk room!

Then he chose to eat at Native for lunch.

Layla decorated a birthday cake for her big brother.

After we sang happy birthday, he opened all of his gifts.

No, he didn’t really get diapers for his birthday, but we used them as a filler for one of his presents--a big gift bag with a gift card.

We love you, Kyler! Happy birthday to you!!