December 13, 2017

christmas tree

The big question came up again this year--cut down a real tree or buy a fake tree? We went back and forth about it over and over again. Even while we were in costco picking up the tree we were arguing this one to death. Ultimately, it was a fake tree that come home with us.

There's definitely good and bad about this decision. I miss the smell of pine tree in our living room! But I think it will make it easier to get the tree up each year. And, surprisingly, the kids out voted us to buy the fake one!

Kacin got the honor of placing the first ornament on the the tree.

Then all the decorating mayhem began.

Someone just wanted to lay on the ground and sleep instead of join in the decorating. After reminiscing about how cute he was back in the day (and then yelling at him and threatening him at least ten times) he joined us for some ornament hanging.

Perry was very into decorating this year. He brought a lot of enthusiasm. And he was very particular about some things. It was actually Kyler's turn to place the star on the top, but sweet big brother let Perry take the turn this year instead.

However, there was a bit of a debate about which star to place on the top.

Perry won.

Our tree would never make it on Pinterest and would probably make most decorators cringe, but it is a perfect representation of our family and is decorated with love and joy (and a little yelling this year, too). It makes me happy.

The day after we set it up, I found Layla playing house with all of the ornaments. She was moving them all around as they interacted with each other. I love her imagination and seeing the joy of childhood. <3