December 24, 2017

Christmas Eve Eve hike

We did get all of our shopping done yesterday on Christmas Eve Eve without too much trouble. Hooray!

But the highlight of the day was the 4.5 mile hike we went on. Perry stayed home with his respite worker (we still haven’t figured out how to include him on longer hikes in a successful way now that he is too big to carry, but he was quite happy to stay at home and play).

This was the longest hike that Layla and B have been on. Layla was an absolute rockstar on the trail.

Partly because her amazing big brother held her hand for a lot of it. Kacin and Layla can be so sweet together (when they are not fighting).

B enjoyed the beauty of the saguaro cactus everywhere. She has been soo great on our hikes. She usually just sleeps in the carrier.

I’ve been thinking about how I still feel like we haven’t figured out our Christmas traditions and activities now that we are in Arizona. But I think hiking around Christmas time is perfect for us. 

Merry Christmas Eve!