December 11, 2017

Bio brother

Kacin and Kyler’s biological brother surprised them with a visit a few weeks ago. Kadyn had called me the day before to tell me he would be in AZ and it worked out perfectly that the hotel he was staying in was just five minutes away from where Kyler had a soccer tournament in Peoria.

I didn’t tell the boys he was coming. And when I made Kacin get out of the car and come with me to the soccer game instead of going with Eric to pick up food he was MAD. Which made the surprise that much better!

When Kadyn texted me that he was there, I asked Kacin to walk with me to throw something in the garbage. He still wasn’t happy about it, but he came with me. When he saw Kadyn walking towards us, he did a double take and then a huge grin spread across his face.

Together we walked over to where Kyler was warming up with his team. Kadyn snuck up behind Kyler and when he turned around it was a happy surprise to see him.

An amazing part of adoption is connecting with bio families. It is a beautiful thing for all of us. Adoption opens so many doors for love and healthy relationships. My heart just swells thinking about the blessings and perspective that adoption brings.

Anyways, the boys talked football and sports and enjoyed their hour together. We were so glad that Kadyn was able to visit.