November 13, 2017

the real deal Halloween

Something changed for our family this Halloween. Older kids now means that we are a lot more divided and going in all different directions on Halloween. This was the first year we felt that. 

Kacin invited a few friends over for pizza and trick or treating. As a 12 year old (per our family rules), this was Kacin's last year trick or treating. And he was determined to make it the best yet. He hurried off with his friends as soon as we got a few trick or treaters to our door.  

They went through every house in our neighborhood and then we drove them over to one of the boy's neighborhood and they went off to do a little more trick or treating. And so Kacin came home at 9pm at night with a ridiculous amount of candy. Goodness, look at that pile!

Instead of trick or treating this year, Kyler invited a couple of friends over to our house. They passed out candy to trick or treaters (and ate plenty of candy and cheetos themselves), played games, and hung out all night.

Jacqui brought her kids over so that the younger cousins could trick or treat together. 

Layla and Perry definitely brought home plenty of candy themselves.

But our favorite treat of the night was this little skeleton baby.