November 22, 2017

Thanksgiving Eve

My house already smells like spices and cooking. Eric made the brine for the turkey this morning and now the bird is soaking in it. Eric tried to skip a turkey this year and just smoke other meat instead. But there is no way in this world that we can choose not to serve turkey on Thanksgiving! B was likewise shocked by Eric’s suggestion.

To satisfy everyone, E has decided to make both a turkey and prime rib. Intriguing idea.

When it comes down to it, I am mostly just looking forward to the rolls, mashed potatoes, and the pie.

B’s ready for a big bite of pie.

And we are all looking forward to spending time with friends and family.

My to-do list is really, really long right now. But baby B forces me to slow down (and blog from my phone) as I feed her every three hours. I’m ok with this good excuse to procrastinate some things a little longer. Especially because I get to cuddle this little adorable baby girl.

Our Thanksgiving weekend is already filling up with activities, but I hope that we get some time to do nothing and just hang around here for awhile. The best moments often come when we have nothing planned (so why are we always so busy around here??). Layla played with B the other day and that is the perfect example of staying home without a plan yielding beautiful moments. She read to her and included her in her story game with her dolls. B was quite content getting all of that attention from her big sister. I can see many more play dates like this in their future!