November 27, 2017

Thanksgiving 2017

We have so much to be grateful for.

Thankful Turkey credit goes to Kyler. I wanted something creative to display our gratitude thoughts and he helped me come up with this.

I’ll close up on a few of my favorite things the people in our family are grateful for.

I loved Layla writing her “I am grateful” thoughts all on her own (though I can’t remember/figure out what some of them say...)

Some of us apparently feel very grateful for napkins and “jokes and people’s snarkiness.”

Bacon was written down at least three times. Because what would we do without bacon??

I see the irony in the fact that “quiet times” ended up being placed right next to “the baby and her crying” (though she really doesn’t cry that much so that was just a boy being snarky. Remember we are grateful for snarkiness, too.)

“Dad and his teasing” is actually one that all of the kids appreciate. They love playing with him. And he loves Dr. Pepper still.

I really love this quote about the disturbers of our happiness. If our desires are often disturbers, then being content and appreciative of what we already have would be happiness boosters. Noticing the good around us helps us feel happier. I am grateful for the Thanksgiving holiday and the invitation it offers us to reflect and give thanks instead of think about all the things we could want.

Besides our Thanksgiving Turkey on the wall, I did not get any pictures on Thanksgiving Day!! We hosted the feast at our house. We had two of our family friends over for a Friendsgiving (Scoresby and Rowe). We made them all play our traditional game of “are you thankful for your neighbor” before we ate the yummiest meal followed by delicious pies. This move to AZ has not been the easiest transition so we are grateful for kind, good friends to share the day with.

I hope you also had a happy thanksgiving!

Jenna Allen said...

Love this! AND your amazing sister Jenny came to visit—Which was obviously the real highlight of the week ;)

Laura said...

Obviously that was the highlight. But without a picture to document it, did it really happen?;) Dont worry, you will make it into Kyler’s birthday celebration post.

Jenna Allen said...

Hahah well this was also your promises monitoring challenge - good job. ;) And hahaha your right... though I ate enough leftover turkey and stuffing that if you took a blood sample right now any court of law would be convinced it happened ;)