November 11, 2017

Pumpkin Carving

This was the first year in a lot of years that we simply picked pumpkins out at the grocery store. We learned last year that pumpkin patches in the desert in October are hot and dusty and not as much fun as pumpkin patches in the northwest. So the grocery store suited us just fine this year.

Eric always heads up this tradition. But Kyler and Kacin are pretty independent in pumpkin carving.

Of course, we did not leave baby B out of this tradition.

Perry did not want to join us at first, but eventually he calmed down enough to get some baby time and then start to carve his pumpkin with daddy.

Kyler took a knife to Kacin’s ear, too. Either that or it was a day after his ear surgery.

The finished pumpkins! Two faces, Minnie Mouse, and the Seahawks