November 12, 2017


Before Halloween, my mom invited us over for a Halloween dinner and some in house trick or treating. 

Kyler was in charge of making the homemade root beer. 

So that morning Layla disappeared into our “art” room and when she emerged later she told me she was working on a new Halloween costume. 

About 20 min before it was time to leave, she showed me her new mask she had made from the cover of a giant coloring book and her start to cutting out her cardboard Poppy dress. She needed help with the cutting. After I finished that for her, I pulled out the paints and she went to work to create the rest of her new costume. Because we were short on time, Kacin gave her some help so we could leave on time, but really Layla takes the credit for the planning and the creating of her Poppy costume.

The day before Halloween, Layla had her first ever piano recital. She started taking lessons in August. We have loved her teacher, but the made the hard decision that after the recital we were going to take a break from formal lessons until next year. All the kids dressed up in costume for the recital. Layla told us later that she was really nervous, but she said a prayer and felt calm. I’m glad she knows Heavenly Father always hears our prayers. She did a great job playing “Bubble Gum”.

The Friday before Halloween we also went to Layla and Perry’s Boo Bash (except all week Layla kept calling it the boo dash). Kyler volunteered to work at the Haunted House (which was awesome!) and Eric and I took the kids around to the games. Perry refused to dress up. I loved the progression of these pictures at the donut on the string game (Perry’s no hands to hands).

Kacin wasn’t feeling well enough after his surgery for us to go to our ward trunk or treat, but I think we had plenty of pre-Halloween fun.