November 17, 2017

kid dates

We are really trying to be quite diligent about taking our kids out one-on-one. I was lucky to be the one to take each of our kids out this last time around. Mostly because Eric has been out of town so much these last few weeks.

Perry and I made plans to go to the movie theater to see the Lego Ninjago movie. I was hoping some of his challenging behavior during Eric’s week in Italy was because he needed a little more attention. So we talked about our date and made plans to see the Lego movie and get “spicy juice” and popcorn. He was excited! And I got excited, too.  Like I always seem to do with all of my grand ideas, I imagined a picture perfect outing soaking up my sweet boy and he in turn enjoying all of the special attention and showering me with love in return. I think sometimes with my grand ideas, I write these play scripts in my head of how things will go. But then when it comes down to the actual performance, the actors don’t always seem to know their parts! Or maybe the actors have turned into playwrights themselves and decided to make my play into a drama or tragedy. That’s what happened. And in hindsight, I should have known better and accounted for Perry’s needs for routine and this “play” would’ve turned out differently.

I will tell you how it went. In order to get to the movie, Perry and I would have had to leave right when he got off the bus. When he got home (which was my downfall! I should’ve picked him up from school and I’m certain this would not have happened), he wanted to follow his normal routine. That routine includes checking his folder and work with me, putting his stuff away, and then setting two timers while he plays xbox. I tried to skip the routine and hurry him to the car, but he was not happy about that. In the end, it was a huge battle and he chose his games over a movie with me (insert silly hurt mom feelings here). It was a really big drama trying to convince him, to no avail, to come to the movies with me. After a while, I calmed down and came up with another plan. It would affect our night plans, but it was a compromise that allowed us to go to the movie a little later than we planned. I’m glad it worked out because it ended up being a nice evening out with him (we had the whole movie theater to ourselves so he could talk to me and stand up without bothering anyone else!). But I need to remember that autism means I need to be a little more proactive, thoughtful, and flexible when it comes to our plans (and maybe hopefully someday he will learn the flexible part, too).

I took Layla to the theater to see “Meet Me in St Louis”. I loved watching the Judy Garland movie when I was younger so this was a fun one for me. Layla would’ve been quite happy if the play had ended at intermission. But, overall, she really enjoyed it (especially the Halloween and trolley parts she said)! And of course she loved the candy I bring in my purse for her, too.

I surprised the older boys one day and kidnapped them from school for lunch out at MOD pizza. Though, I know this doesn’t count as true one-on-one time so I still owe them one.

The boys were on a camp out over Veterans Day weekend so on the day off of school I took Layla and Macie on an outing to the natural history museum in Mesa. We also got some cupcakes and went to the park.

I’m going to roll these next things up under “kid dates” as well. I met Layla at the zoo for her kindergarten field trip.

Today I volunteered in Layla’s class at school (like I do most Thursdays). I stayed for kindergarten lunch and then first grade lunch to eat with both of my elementary schoolers. I loved watching Perry play basketball with some of the other kids.

I love spending time with each one of my people.