November 15, 2017

happy 14th anniversary to us

14 years!

And in those 14 years of marriage we have experienced a whole lot together.

One marriage in the Mesa Temple
Two graduations from ASU (that we didn't actually attend the ceremony of)
Three states we have lived in
Four amazing children we have adopted and are ours forever
Five countries we have visited
Six homes we have lived in
Seven cars we have owned
Eight Disney vacations
Nine special foster children in our care for various amounts of time
Ten nights that we have missed saying nightly prayers together (in 14 years, that's a solid record!)
Eleven pounds (give or take ;)...) gained
Twelve plus different capacities that we have served in at church
Thirteen jobs between both of us
Fourteen states we have traveled to together
And countless laughs, cries, disagreements, frustrations, hugs, conversations, inside jokes, decisions made, heartache, walks, and moments of fun and joy.

Yep, that's how it's done.

We celebrated our 14 years with a hike together up a mountain. It was B's first hike!

We stopped for lunch and B gave us her first real laugh!

Then we traded in our mini-van for a bigger van. Buying a car takes FOREVER. It kind of ruined our plans of eating cake with the kids to celebrate, but in the end we came home with a new car. And the kids were pretty thrilled about that.

So here's to fourteen years, and many more!