November 6, 2017

B These Days

She is the sweetest baby in the world. She gets loved on all day long.

My phone is filled with pictures of this darling baby girl. So bear with me. Let’s start with some from around the one month mark.

It is such a rarity to see her cry. She’s generally quite easy and happy. But she does let us know how she’s feeling.

She wanted that pacifier, that accidently ended up on her hand, in her mouth. 

Then two months. This is when she really started smiling at us. And I moved her out of newborn clothes and into 0-3 month (not because she outgrew them but because we were ready for some wardrobe variety).

She was born five and half pounds and then at ten weeks she was ten pounds three ounces. 

When she smiles her whole face lights up and her mouth stays wide open. She usually turns her head to the side when she’s really excited and happy, too. She smiles all the time now.

She loves when we sing to her and she loves taking baths.

She gets to come along with me on all sorts of outings and errands, like volunteering at the school, grocery shopping, and watching everyone's baseball and soccer games.

Now she is three months old.

And I thank Heavenly Father every single day, all day long for this little one in our lives.