October 31, 2017

Disneyland (day 4)

We went back to California Adventures on Wednesday. The game plan for the day was to ride the few rides we missed on Monday, go to some of the awesome shows, and ride our favorites at least one more time. But we planned to take it easy and leave earlier than normal because we would be up early the next morning and we were out late the night before. And that's what we did.

We went to talk with Crush (Kacin got to ask a question).

We re-rode all of the big rides.

We successfully rode the Ferris Wheel without Eric throwing up this time because we did not getting on the swinging one.

We also split up for a few hours. The boys went off by themselves to ride some rides while we took Layla and Perry to the Disney Jr. show. Then Eric took Perry back to the hotel while I took Layla to see the "Frozen" play (we thought it was absolutely amazing!!).

The boys had a little adventure of their own. While they were riding California Screamin', the rollercoaster broke down! They eventually had to climb down the stairs on the side of the rollercoater in order to get off. It was hilarious because we had just been talking that morning about what it would be like if that rode broke down while you were on it. And then they experienced it.

It was such a great day!! When we left California Adventures later that evening, we had ridden on or experienced every open ride and big show except for one (the jelly fish ride that we would've gone on except we were taking care of Layla's foot that day). California Adventures gave us two happy days.