October 30, 2017

Disneyland (day 3)

We had the chance to experience Mickey's Halloween Party for the first time this year.

It didn't start until 3pm so we got to spend a leisurely morning catching up on sleep from our late night on Monday, swimming in the pool, and relaxing in the hotel room.

Then we donned our costumes and transformed into a Star Wars family.

Meet Hans Solo

Princess Leia

A Stormtrooper


Obi-wan Kenobi


and Chewbacca

We spent a big chunk of time riding everything in Fantasyland.

We caught a peek of the parade while we rode on Alice in Wonderland.

Then Layla tried to wave to Tinkerbell from the teacups.

Princess Leia wasn't always very thrilled about having her hair in buns.

But  wasn't she adorable?

Perry sang loud and strong when we rode "It's a Small World". He loves that song.

Perry also loved "driving" us on Indiana Jones (which became the source of some challenges when it came to that ride, but we handled it) .

It was Layla's first time riding Indiana Jones (she was finally 46 inches!) and this quickly became her favorite ride.

We got to experience Space Mountain turned monster.

I didn't get any pictures of trick or treating, but the kids had a blast going trough the trick or treat trails for candy and snacks. They filled their bags.

I think the only thing we would do differently next time is skip the parade and spend time riding rides or on the trick or treat trails. And since we were dressed as Star Wars characters we should've gone on Star Tours! But, since we had baby we tried to do all of the things we could go on as a family first and then everyone got to pick a ride they wanted to go on. And so with that plan we just forgot about Star Tours until it was too late.

We weren't sure how long we would all make it that night, but all of the kids were such troopers (one of them quite literally). We ended up closing the park at 11pm! The last ride of the night was Autopia.

Mickey sure knows how to throw a fun party!