October 23, 2017

Disneyland (day 1)

We were all sooo excited for Fall break this year! We worked hard on our no sugar, dance more, family scriptures etc goals and we earned our trip to Disneyland. And so we played hard at Disneyland all week long.

It was thrilling to me to be on our first vacation as a family of seven! B did great on her first road trip. Though, the way to California was about 45 min too long (that last little while is when Perry got car sick and B was ready to be out of her car seat). But I thought we actually held up pretty well.

We checked in to our hotel. Jenny recently moved to LA and so she was able to meet up with us. We took a walk through Downtown Disney and grabbed dinner.

We introduced B to Mickey Mouse.

And Layla wiggled a tooth right out! Which meant that the tooth fairy got to visit us in our hotel.

We left downtown Disney pretty excited to enter the park the next day!