October 9, 2017

Perry these days

Our Perry boy! Oh how he is adored around here. His facial expressions crack me up. You can always tell how he is feeling about a situation, that’s for sure. 

Perry loves all of his siblings. He loves spending time with his big brothers (especially when they were out late one night playing capture the flag). He is often Kacin’s little shadow and Kyler’s buddy.

He also an extremely special relationship with his sisters. Baby B has been so good for him (someday soon I’ll have to share more about their connection) and Layla has always been his greatest friend and teacher. Though, they often have their fair share of sibling rivalry.

Perry loves water. This particular day, he started out mad at me, but I turned on the hose for him and after a long time spraying and playing he was feeling much better.

Another time he was mad at me and I was grateful we have that gate so he couldn’t actually escape. 

Perry did an amazing job at the primary program a few weeks ago! He had his part memorized right away. He got a little confused when he got to the microphone and the older primary child who was helping pointed to the words on a paper for his part and so he asked out loud “what is that? (Like in a why the heck are you pointing to those words way)” But then he said his part just fine.

Perry is playing baseball again this season. He loves it, but still asks to try soccer out (hopefully soon).

He is doing well in first grade (since we adjusted his meds) and loves his teachers and friends and is making progress on most of his goals. He loves being on the big kids playground this year instead of the smaller kindergarten playground.

Perry received a character award at his school’s first assembly. How very proud of him we are!!

Perry was extremely excited for Apple Day at school. I got to help out with his group as they went around to their apple stations. It was a fun morning!

Perry loves playing his Lego Batman video games. He is becoming extremely good at putting Lego sets together. He loves transformers. His favorite books to read at home are Berenstain Bears and Little Critter. He enjoys working on sticker books. He is a homebody and so would much prefer staying home than going out to the store or anywhere else.

Perry has recently made another speech jump and we have all noticed how clearly he speaks and how much more he speaks now. We love hearing his questions and ideas!

One day he got the chopsticks and tried to use them to pull his teeth out. He told us he wanted to earn some money. We tried to explain that there are other ways to earn money besides from the tooth fairy, but he still tried for awhile to get those teeth out.

Perry is a great boy and we are so lucky to have him in our family!