October 25, 2017

Disneyland (day 2)

We spent our first full Disney day at California Adventures.

The first stop of the day was to the Chamber of Commerce to get a special assistance pass. I mention this here because that disability pass is the only reason that our family can visit Disneyland. And it makes Disneyland a vacation that our entire family can actually enjoy. And I am the most grateful person in the world that Disneyland has this system in place and is so very accommodating to people of all needs. And I think the way the system works is quite fair to everybody. We have to check in at different stations around the park with all of our tickets and then we are assigned a return time to a particular attraction. So it just means that we can wait in other places besides a crowded line. And quite honestly, there are times that we wait for our return time and then still wait a little bit longer once we get to the ride, but being able to wait away from the crowd and with Perry's wheelchair/stroller is a huge blessing. Luckily, we can still use the fastpass system at the same time. And at the disneyland park we can also use wheelchair access. So between all of that we get the chance to do things in a way that Perry can handle. So thank you Disney!!!

Here are some highlights from our first day at California Adventures:

We rode the rapids ride two times in a row and everyone got really wet! The kids would've ridden it again and again (and later on we rode it at least 3 more times). This was definitely a family favorite ride.

We spent time in Cars Land. We rode all of the rides and tried out the mac and cheese in a cone.

We got to ride the Guardians of the Galaxy ride. Layla loved it when it was Tower of Terror last time, but this time it felt a little more intense so after this first time, most of us were ok not riding it again. Though, all of our kids are so brave when it comes to rides I'm sure she would've done it again if we asked her to.

Perry was tall enough to ride California Screamin'! I thought he was going to fall out, but, of course, he was just fine and happy to go on it again.

After we rode Toy Story, Perry was ready for a little break. All he wanted to do was look at all the toys in the stores. He didn't ask once to buy anything, he just wanted to look around.

Eric ended up taking Perry back to the hotel for a little rest and to pick up baby B. Yes, we were blessed with aunt Jenny as B's babysitter for a few of the days. We were so grateful to her for taking care of our baby girl!

I stayed with the other three kids and we rode some more rides together.

Layla had begun complaining a little bit about her foot hurting her. Eventually, I took heed to her complaints and we took off her shoe to check it out. Well, her shoe and sock on her right foot were still soaked from the rapids ride that morning and it caused her foot to shrivel up. No wonder her foot was hurting her! We took off her shoes and socks and let her feet dry out while we watched a disney street performance. After about twenty minutes, her foot was back to normal. And we learned to make sure she had sandals on when we rode the water rides the other days.

We went back to the hotel for dinner and then brought baby B back to California Adventures with us. She went on her first rides! Toy Story and the Little Mermaid were her favorites.

We ended the night by watching the World of Color. That show amazes me. I just love it. And I especially love these people that I got to watch it with.