October 24, 2017

a happy baby and something I need to remember to be happy, too

I started writing a blog post in my head last night at 10:30pm while I was feeding baby B. Every thought that came into my head was mean, negative, and whiny. I eventually banned myself from writing blog posts in my head after 8pm. When you are exhausted after a long day, no good can come of that. It's always amazing to me how what seems so overwhelming and awful at night seems so manageable and doable after a night of rest.

It is also true that what seems overwhelming at the end of a week of single parenting (Eric spent 6 days in Italy last week!) seems much more manageable after a few days of taking a break. I was trying to sort out schedules on Friday and reply to a bunch of texts and emails about various things. But I finally just stopped and told myself I would sit down on Monday and do it all. That's what I did. On monday, I whipped it all out and figured out the scheduling conflicts with no problems. What seemed like a mountain on Friday was hardly a hill on Monday.

Love this adorable, happy baby!