September 4, 2017


We all know that Perry often needs some outside motivation (aka bribery). Apparently, Perry knows this about himself, too. 

Last night, he sat down with the dinner of champions (yeah, I know, mom win)--frozen taquitos, applesauce, and apple juice. A little while later (we might have been playing nerts with Kacin instead of eating with him), we noticed that his meal was spread out on the table and each item, including each of the individual taquitos, had a chocolate candy next to it. He explained that after he ate each item he got to eat the chocolate he had placed next to it.

We thought this was so funny and clever. He has never done anything like this himself before, but I guess he has been bribed in lots of different ways so he knows how to motivate himself. 
Jenna Allen said...

I love this! It's a lesson we all have to learn :)