September 27, 2017

Layla These Days

When I read this quote, one of my first thoughts was of Layla.

That's probably because of all the smiles she wears and spreads wherever she goes.

We had an impromptu date before her first baseball practice. She chose MOD pizza. For the lemonade. Though she took a sip of my water and I took a sip of her lemonade. Then she said, "We can share anything. We're best girls."

When she wasn't dancing around the table, she was playing with her pizza like this and requesting a photo shoot of it. 

She had to make sure we included a picture with a dab.

She also says things like this to me out of the blue:

"Mom, guess what B decided we should have?"-L
"What's that?"-me
"A puppy"-L 
"Oh, really?"-me

And in a conversation about how kind and sweet great-grandma was she confessed that she gets mad sometimes. Then she said, "I'm starting to be autism and Perry is not."

We were waiting for Kyler to finish soccer practice and she took pictures of the beautiful sunset. She loves capturing beauty on the camera. 

And selfies. She still has a thing for selfies.

Though, she has some confusion about what a selfie is. She told me to pose for a selfie by opening my mouth or sticking my tongue out. Apparently, that is her definition of a selfie. She satisfied with my "selfie" like this.

And somehow along the way of her taking that gorgeous picture of the sunset and trying to get me to pose for a "selfie", she took these of me and my sweet baby.

One night, Layla decided to make a cafe for dinner. She worked feverishly to write out menus for each spot and to create a welcome to the cafe sign. She roped Kyler in and they plated and served the dinners after she took the orders.

See, she sows flowers wherever she goes. She makes life happier.

A couple more quick updates on Layla...She has started baseball.

I took a picture of the very first time she swung at the ball. By the end of the game, she was able to hit the coach pitched ball. 

She rocked the primary program with her memorized part. 

She loves kindergarten. She makes friends easily. 

She is extremely proud of the fact that since starting kindergarten she has learned how to pump on the swings and can get herself going really high. So she is obsessed with swinging right now and begs to swing at the park near our house every night. Many nights we oblige and she is oh so happy on that swing.

She comes home every day and the first words out of her mouth are usually asking if she can hold baby B. She tells us all the time that B "needs" her sister time. I know I already posted this one, but I love this sweet picture

Layla is taking music theater class (with her cousin) again this year. She also started piano lessons. She loves lessons, but practicing is a bit more stressful (mostly for me!) so we are finishing this month and then will revisit lessons next year.

We love our (L-Belle) (Ellie) (Stinkerbelle) Layla!