September 26, 2017

a cruise (part 2)

Our second full day on the cruise brought us to Ensenada, Mexico. 

We had an amazing experience on the canopy tour zip lining! I remember when I used to be terrified of heights. I may still need to work on the fear of a snorkel mask, but I am proud to say I'm doing well overcoming my height fear because the zip line was all fun and no fear. It was seriously my favorite and I'd love to do something similar again.

There were 5 zip lines and 5 bridges to cross. 

This huge zip line is the one that Eric and I got to ride together on. Such a blast!

We drove to the ocean and kayaked over to La Bufadora. We didn't get any pictures when we were out on the kayaks but we loved experiencing La Bufadora from the water. 

After all that adventuring we were pretty hungry. We got some delicious tacos and then did a little shopping for little things to bring back to our kids.

Ensenada was good to us.

Back on the cruise ship, our dinner ended with a slice of jiggly blueberry pie. Um, we didn't think pie was supposed to wobble like that. 

While we are on the topic of funny things that made the trip especially memorable (clearly, the blue-jiggle pie did just that for us), I will shout "55!" That is all.

Which leads into the fact that Jared and Julie were celebrating their 15th anniversary! Yay!

Eric and I were very cultured on this cruise, too. We attended a seminar about the artist Thomas Kinkade. I actually love his art and thought it was pretty interesting. Later we also admired the art in the ship's gallery. This was my favorite piece.

On our last full day of the cruise, we played a lot of card games and ate a lot of food. We went and saw the comedian again during the family show. #section8cruise The first time we saw him, he cracked some Mormon jokes at the end and told us of the Mormon gang sign he was hoping would catch on. We ended up taking a picture with him. Someone made fun of my inability to make M's with my hands. And that's how we got these pictures.

We disembarked on Thursday. And then it worked out that we made a quick visit to Jenny in her new apartment before heading home. 

Now, I don't really think cruise life fits me all that well, but we really did have an amazing week and I'm grateful we got to experience it.