September 19, 2017

a cruise (part 1)

The world has finally stopped swaying so now I can tell you all about the cruise that Eric and I went on.

I will start by saying that we planned this trip months ago. Otherwise, there is no way I would've been to be able to leave the world's sweetest 6 week old baby for 5 days and 4 nights! 

Thankfully, B was in good hands with my sister. And my parents kindly managed the day to day and busy schedules of the other school-going four. So I tried not too worry about them all too much and to just enjoy myself while we were away.

And there was a lot to enjoy!

It all started with a breakfast of buffalo wings and ranch and then a six hour drive to CA. It could only get better from there.

We arrived at the port and walked on to our cruise ship.

And that's when I had a mini-freak out and questioned our decision. Everywhere we went there was loud music, drunk people, and swim suits that should not be worn in public. We walked around like scared deer in headlights until we eventually found the Nielsen's.  Then we got ice cream and I calmed down and tried to enjoy the party ship as best I could with all of its gluttony and idle ways (the pounds that I gained by the end of the trip proved that I fully embraced it).

You couldn't see it from the above picture but this was the serene view we had from our window each night.

We spent the first full day at Catalina Island.

We went snorkeling.

 Eric was happy as could be and in his element diving all around looking at the fish and other under the sea life. My deep, deep fear of masks and things covering my face and nose was confirmed and so the mask and snorkel went around my arm like a bracelet for the rest of the time. I was quite happy swimming on top of the water (and would've been even happier with a simple pair of non-nose covering goggles--a lesson learned for next time).

When we got back on the ship, Eric and I had some fun going down the waterslides.

What a beautiful view!

We dressed up that night for dinner. Isn't Eric just so handsome?

It almost felt like we were going to prom together when we posed for these pictures. My eyes are even half closed which is pretty standard for me and professional pictures.

We love the Nielsen's so much and we had so much fun with them on this trip!

We played a lot of games together over the course of the week (exploding kittens, canasta, Sushi Go, and more). This was my favorite room that we found to play in.

To be continued soon!