August 16, 2017

yellow day

Every Friday in kindergarten is assigned a color. The children are encouraged to wear the color of the week and to bring a show and tell of the same color. 

Last week, the color was yellow. Layla found her only yellow shirt and then searched the house for a yellow show and tell. She decided to bring "Lemmie" (short for Lemon Meringue) the cabbage patch doll from my childhood. It made me happy to see my beloved doll loved by my sweet daughter.

When these two got off the bus that day, they both collapsed into the stairs and just laid there. I guess it had been a long week of school!

Perry came home with a stack of his work that day. This is still his answer to the question "what do you want to be when you grow up?" 

"A Perry."

That never gets old to me.:)