August 5, 2017

thirty-three, that's me

Another year older.

In my mind I'm still 17, but the gray hairs I keep finding on my head remind me otherwise...

Eric is the best! He learned from past years ;) and really gave me the perfect birthday.

It started out the night before and continued on to saturday--we checked item after item off our to-do and project lists. We returned some things that needed to go back to stores. We shopped at costco. We did yard work together.  We finished and hung this sign that was started at Christmas and finished building our mudroom.

We could've stopped right there and I would've called that a birthday success. But then I got cake and gifts from these sweet people. Eric made an effort to take pictures without me asking him to (another pretty sweet gift) and made me stand awkwardly there by my gifts (I could've passed on that one ;) ).

Kyler helped me add to my collection of Star Wars shirts. 

The other three kids picked out some sweet gifts for me, too.

That evening, we went out on the best date. Eric took care of all of the arranging of the plans and that was amazing! We went out to dinner with some friends and then went to an escape room. It was the greatest evening! And it helped that we won at the escape room and came home with the winners bracelets.

Another year older isn't so bad.