August 18, 2017

These days

Jacqui took newborn pictures for us. Here is a preview of the cuteness (from my iPhone) until we get the real photos.

Eric is back in town! This last trip was three days. I survived five kids by myself, but probably not as gracefully as some. We are all grateful that dad is home! This time he was in MN, but the first week of August he was in Ohio. When he was in Ohio he sent us some pictures from his trip. 

The all important picture (according to Perry)--the rental car.

Somebody had his first cavity filled (he was a rockstar). But when we showed up to the dentist I was talking to him and noticed one of his teeth was missing! He must have swallowed it while he was eating his cereal in the car. He let dad pull out the second front tooth that evening so the tooth fairy could make a visit that night.

Little miss lost her belly button at exactly two weeks.

Big sister is quite proud that she can now hold the baby standing up (with careful supervision still).

Kacin loves his weekly allergy shots still. Haha. Well, he might not love it, but I love sitting next to this cool guy for 30 min just me and him each week.

This picture popped up on facebook. How tiny are these cuties!

Our little bug on the left is one week older than our friend's daughter on the right. Haha.

Perry got really into caring for the baby one day. He gave her a pacifier for the first time (it's as big as her!). He organized her diapers. Then he pushed her in her stroller around the house. What a sweet big brother!

Some more helpful older siblings with the littlest one...

I feel like I might have posted some of these pictures before, but my brain is too tired to remember and I'm lacking the desire to even go back and check previous posts. So here are some cute ones (maybe for the second time).

I am feeling grateful that we got this in the mail the other day. Sometimes even walking across a parking lot is too much. This will be so helpful and I'm so thankful for small helps like this to help lessen some of the challenges of autism. 

Speaking of, Eric has figured out the best way to work with Perry. Most often it's at bedtime or when we are getting ready for school that he has to use it. But every time he does it works like a charm. Eric brings out the Batman Voice. Something about E becoming Batman really helps our little man calm down, laugh, and comply. Last night Eric had to read a bedtime story twice as Batdad--his throat wasn't loving that, but Perry was!