August 6, 2017

these days

Layla gave me one other "birthday present" when Eric and I were about to run out the door on our date.

Yep, she decided to cut her own hair (enter crying emoji here). Oh, there were nice big layers on either side and some very short bangs.

We went to my friend's a few days later and she fixed it up and gave her what Layla calls a "short cut".

She still looks beautiful, but let's not cut our own hair again, ok my little girl?

We have a deal with Perry that if he is reverent at church then after we take the sacrament, I will take him into the foyer and he can watch a show on my phone. We have been prepping him because when he turns 7 we are going to make it that he has to stay for the youth speaker, too. He is not too sure about that.

Ellie loves the rocks she got with grammie. She brought them with us when we went to get Kacin's allergy shot. We played all sorts of games with them while we waited there.

We had friends from WA in town and they came over for a swim. These two are such great friends and always goofy together.

I didn't get this picture in my back to school post. Eric and I both took Layla to meet the teacher/curriculum night.

We got two free tickets to a diamondbacks game. Kacin was thrilled when Eric took him.

While they were there, the rest of us went down to the splash pad and park. Layla wanted me to take this picture to send to dad so he could see her on the swings.

Layla and Perry decided to write letters to their cousins Macie and Logan to see if they could come over to play one day.

We have had some amazing monsoon storms this summer! Love them! It is especially wonderful when they happen during the day. And when there's no lightening around, it is a blast to play in. It is an arizona joy.

I got mad at Layla the other day when I found that she had pulled a bunch of stuff out of a cupboard that I had told her specifically not to get into without permission. I sent her to her room. And then Eric pointed out to me what she had been doing. Her cute silver flip flops had broken at school that day. I told her we couldn't run to the store to get more yet, but we found an old pair of Perry's flips flops that fit her. They were Batman. She was ok with that but thought they were very boy-ish. So that's when she had decided to dazzle those shoes with ribbon and washi tape. I applaud the sweet ingenuity. I love it actually. But let's keep working on that obedience thing, ok?

It was Layla's turn to go to the theater with me. she has been looking forward to this for months and months. She loved seeing "The Little Mermaid". And equally loved the gummy bears I let her eat during the show.

We took Kyler to go get some new church pants. While I was helping Ky,  Eric came out of the dressing room in a new suit.  

I saw this quote on my cousins insta. I love it.

And I'll leave you with this sweet face. (insert more emojis--the heart shaped eyes smile face over and over).