August 15, 2017

the great flood of 2017

"Emergency! Emergency!"
I ran upstairs at that call, somewhat doubtful of the call of "emergency".
Layla and Perry had been playing legos together in the loft.
I wondered if a lego car had broken and they needed help putting it back together...
But I followed their voices towards the bathroom.
It was quite the scene.
The water was rushing out of the faucet and overflowing in the sink.
The drain on the sink had been closed.
Layla had one of the bathroom drawers opened to show me that water had filled each and every one of the four drawers.

The floor was quickly transforming into a lake.

Perry had created the great bathroom flood of 2017.
I jumped into action.
Turn off the faucet. Release the drain. Take all of the floating toothbrushes, flossers, and hair ties out of the drawers. Scoop out the water from the drawers. Throw towels on the ground. etc, etc.

When Eric made it upstairs he gently yet firmly explained to the kids that we can't leave the water running and so on.
And that triggered Perry.
One minute later, when we couldn't find him, we realized he had run downstairs and turned the water on in that bathroom to create a second flood. Luckily, we found it and stopped it before any actual flooding happened.
But we still had a job on our hands upstairs.
The water had seeped out of the bathroom and soaked all of the carpet in the hallway and was making its way into the loft and into Perry's room.
We got to work with more towels, the carpet cleaner, and fans. We ended up pulling up the carpet to make sure we got everything nice and dry.

Fortunately, we do not believe this flood caused any major, lasting damage.
But we are taking out the drain stopper to prevent any further floods from occurring.