August 1, 2017

school has begun

Summer break is over. We are deep into the second week of school. All four kids in all day school! And, by our design, we have condensed our family from four different schools last year to two different schools this year. Yippee for that!

Layla is prepared and ready for all day kindergarten. This transition has been a breeze for her. I'm glad we made the decision to put her into a half-day kindergarten last year and full day this year. She is thriving. She even asked to buy her lunch at school today. Kyler told me he never would've been brave enough to do that in kindergarten. Little Miss L was quite excited when she found out you could do that. The teacher has already talked to me about chattiness. And Layla has told me about a boy that is "following" her (which is why she keeps getting in trouble for talking). Kindergarten will be awesome this year.

Her backpack is the same size that she is.:)

Perry is excited to be in first grade! Let me back track with a quick story about how much he was looking forward to this. When we were on our summer trip, the poor guy got car sick on the windy mountain road out of yosemite. Thankfully, he did not throw up until we got out of the car at the hotel. The first thing he said after he threw up in the parking lot was "aw man, I still go to first grade if I'm sick?" We made sure he was all better so he hasn't missed any first grade yet. :) He has the same teacher as last year so that reduced all anxiety (for us and him) about this year. He does have new friends in the class and he was so excited to meet them. He made me walk around with him at meet the teacher to introduce himself to all the new kids. What fun for me to see him do that! I have a feeling that this year will be a good one for our Perry boy.

It was a last minute switch by us, but now Layla and Perry attend the same school. Of course I was a little nervous once we made the change, but I am so glad that I eventually trusted those feelings I kept getting to enroll her at Perry's school. I felt like we should do this at the end of last school year, but I kept shoving those thoughts aside. I had a lot of logical reasons why we shouldn't. But I couldn't shake the feeling this summer and Eric felt the same way so we decided to have her attend school with Perry. And I can already say this was the best decision! They are not in the same class, but their lunch and recess times overlap. This is such a blessing to both of them! I have had teachers tell me about how sweet they are together. They hug when they see each other and play together happily. They come home and tell me stories of the playground. They look out for each other. They have a special bond and I'm glad they can share that at school, too.

Kacin started Jr. High. He was anxious and oh so ready to leave elementary school. He has handled all of the new school, new teachers, multiple class changes like a champ. No, he did not get lost on the first day of school. His electives this year are Spanish and a classroom aide in the self-contained special education math class. He is in honors math and language arts. Clearly, this year is going to be filled with some awesome experiences for him! His teachers seem really fabulous (thank goodness!). He has plans to try out for lots of school sports teams this year. I know he will do great in 7th grade!

Kyler has gone into 8th grade confident and happy. I can't believe how much he has grown up in the last year. 8th grade is going to be a piece a cake for him, I think. He is in honors classes again. His electives are spanish and athletic PE. Luckily, he ended up with lunch with a lot of his friends. And Kacin! He and Kacin were assigned the same lunch period. I know they are both glad to see each other at lunch. I'm really impressed with Kyler's teachers, too (yay!). Kyler is planning on focusing on soccer all year (especially now that he is playing club) and only trying out for the soccer team at school. Ky is such an amazing kid. I know he has totally got this 8th grade thing, no problem.

The night before school started, Eric gave everyone a priesthood blessing. The counsel, the blessings, and the feelings we felt during those blessings will strengthen us during this school year.

Yay for another school year!