August 24, 2017

Perry is 7!

Happy birthday to our sweet, silly, amazing boy!

I can not believe that my little Perry has turned into a tall 7 year old already.

His birthday was during the week, but we celebrated on the weekend. He woke up and snuggled into bed with me and asked if he was the birthday boy. He enjoyed every minute of being "the birthday boy."

As per tradition, on your birthday around here, you get to be the one who chooses who says the prayers for the day. At each meal and at family prayers, Perry always chose himself. I think that's because he knows he will be the fastest and he won't have to wait long. :)

We were thrilled that Perry wanted to have a birthday party with friends this year. It was fun to watch him be so excited about it.


We invited everyone to the splash pad to celebrate with us. He had friends from school, a few friends from church, and cousins there. It ended up being one of those parties that came together quite smoothly. The only thing I would've done differently is make sure the party didn't land on a scout campout so that older brothers could've been there, too. I hate that they missed it. Oh well.

I found these water blasters so each of the kids got one when they arrived at the splash pad. We brought a couple of empty tubs that we placed around the splash pad that would fill up so they could use their blasters.

After an hour of play, Perry was ready for cake. We gathered everyone to the tables. They got goldfish and drinks. We sang happy birthday to our 7 year old.

After cupcakes, Perry opened up all of his presents. He is still the best gift opener. He enjoys each gift immensely and gives the biggest heartfelt thank you to each person.

Perry got one more day of celebration on sunday. We made a special breakfast for him. He got sung to at church. Then we went to grammie and papa's for dinner, cupcakes, and his gifts from us.

I can't even express how glad I am that this little guy was born 7 years ago and is part of our family now. We love him soo much!