August 12, 2017

living room wrestling

Some of my favorite moments, the ones that make my heart swell with contentment and love, are usually the unplanned and the simple things that just naturally happen.

I felt all full like that on a Saturday night. Nothing was planned. Kyler's friend, Ben, was hanging out at our house. Somehow the couch got pushed back and a wrestling match ensued. I sat on the couch with baby in my arms and my daughter snuggled by my side. Both of us quite entertained by the intense match on the carpet. We kept the score. 

Perry ran in and out of the match whenever he wanted to. Sometimes jumping on Ben's back to help Kyler. Sometimes pulling Kyler to help Ben. Sometimes just getting in the way.

I kept thinking how much Kacin would've loved this wrestling game. But he was away babysitting his cousins for the evening. I wished he was with us, but I was grateful for the valuable experiences he was having as a "babysitter".

Someone wasn't as impressed by the wrestling as I was...

It was an ordinary yet perfect evening