August 25, 2017

don't blink

Infertility gave me a gift. Well, many gifts actually. But the one I've experienced the strongest the last few weeks is the gift of cherishing.

Cherish this.

Enjoy it.

I know some people get really annoyed when they are in the thick of young children and all that goes with it and people tell them to enjoy it because they grow up so quickly.

But, personally, I've always loved that advice--to enjoy the crazy stage we are in and to cherish the moments. It's never bothered me to have someone tell me that because it's true! It does go by so quickly. And there are so many people out there who never get the blessing of having young children.

So whether or not you like that advice given to you by the stranger in the grocery store or the lady sitting behind you in church, I hope you will think about that advice and let your heart fill up with gratitude for the opportunity to love, serve, and nurture God's children. That blessing does not come easily, or does not come at all, to many people who yearn for it.

That's what I feel these days. So much gratitude for less sleep at night, exploding poop on my hand while I change a diaper, and the craziness of keeping track of 5 schedules.

I didn't say all those moments were fun or that I am always smiling around here. But I am bursting with gratitude and that leads me to cherish these special moments.

I'm afraid if I blink I will miss some of it.

And I don't want to miss any of it because I'm so grateful to be experiencing it at all.

Now I just need to apply my own advice when it comes to teenagers... ;) ;)