July 5, 2017

san fran: the Tongan ward

Sunday morning we were driving in the car on our way to an LDS church for a 9am sacrament meeting. We were talking about how diverse the people in San Francisco are and how great we think that is. Eric mentioned that when he was looking up churches there were Tongan wards and Tagalog wards. We jokingly asked him which language he picked for us to attend today. He assured us he found an English speaking ward for us to attend. 

We pulled up to a very unique (as far as lds church buildings I've been to) church building. 

We were running a few minutes late and when we got into the foyer we heard they had already started the meeting. Yet, we couldn't quite understand exactly what they were saying. Lo and behold Eric had brought us to the Tongan ward! I guess he clicked on the wrong building when he put it into his map on his phone. Oops.

Another funny thing about this was that the day before, while we were at the temple, we stopped two missionaries and asked them to take our family picture in front of the temple. We talked to them for awhile and learned that they were Tongan speaking missionaries and we had a connection with one of them in Seattle. They were very nice. And they just so happened to be the missionaries who were serving in this very ward. 

We sat in the foyer to take the sacrament, said hello to some very nice people, and then slid out the door of the church because, as cool as it would've been to stay, our kiddos weren't up for that.