July 14, 2017

san fran: Pacifica and Mori Point

We were hungry after all of our beach exploration (the pb&js we made for lunch weren't cutting it). So we grabbed a mountain of food from Gorilla Barbecue in Pacifica. We needed a good place to eat this yummy food so we went to Mori Point.

We walked with our food to find the perfect picnic spot. We finally concluded that in order to go forward we needed to go back to the car to get the stroller-wheelchair we borrowed for the trip. While Eric ran back, we settled in on these benches to eat our food up.

Then we walked further down to see the water.

On our walk back to the car, Layla was in heaven when she caught her first ladybug and carried it on her hand for awhile as we walked along the trail.

We had plans to go to this hotel in the area that plays bagpipes at sunset, but we decided to head back to the house we were staying in so we could rest up and have another game night.  Every night the older boys stayed up late with us and we played dominoes and nerts. I loved these family game nights!! It was great spending quality time with the older boys while the little ones very happily played with the great toys in the house and then slept soundly in their beds.