July 3, 2017

san fran: oakland temple

We spent many hours in the car and one night at a hotel.

But then we made it to San Francisco! We had an hour before we were picking Jenny up from the bart station so we made a stop at the Oakland temple and I'm so glad we did. It was absolutely beautiful! It is now probably my favorite temple grounds to walk around. Such stunning views of the city!

We tried to take a nice peaceful family picture in front the temple. I guess being in the car so long made someone kinda ornery and instead of smiling and saying cheese when I snapped the picture he went for a big push to his little sister.

Yeah, she didn't take too well to that one.

Just like the pushing picture, I accidentally captured this next picture. But I think these pictures show how amazing Kyler and Kacin are. And they show our real life. It is hard sometimes. But they really are so incredibly patient, loving, kind, and creative. Perry, Kyler, and Kacin are so lucky to have each other as brothers.

Perry's mood hadn't fully subsided yet. And so you first see Perry going in for a bite of Kyler's arm.

We all tried to calmly redirect and pull Perry away again when he went back for a second bite.

Kacin tried humor with a pretend bite back to Perry.

Kacin's second strategy was brilliant and worked like a charm. He offered a piece of his own special red gum. Perry took the bribe and apologized to his brothers and promised not to bite anymore.

Those amazing brothers saved the day. Perry snapped out of it and the rest of our time at the temple went well.