July 12, 2017

san fran: Gray Whale Cove (part 2) and Half Moon Bay

As we were leaving the beach, we found a rope swing at the top. 

We had our fun in the swing and then drove to explore Half Moon Bay. We ended up at the tide pools of the Fitzgerald Marine reserve. Where we saw seals! Well, Perry was still refusing his jacket, but was soo cold he also refused to go walk down with us to the beach. Everyone else went ahead and I eventually convinced him to come down with me. And two minutes later we were making our way back up to the car. But that's ok. I caught a glimpse of a beautiful place and everyone else got to explore the tide pools for awhile. Layla loved this!

At this point, the kids were absolutely dying to get their hands and toes into the sand for awhile. Ultimately, we ended up back at Gray Whale Cove. Eric took the kids down to play at the beach (still really cold!) while Jenny and I went hiking up the mountain.

Here we go!

Isn't this an absolutely lovely place?

It wasn't a long hike, but I really enjoyed our little ramble up the mountains. And we learned no one should walk behind me and ask me to pose for a picture. 

The views at the top were amazing!

And a little windy.

Jenny and I were gone about an hour and then we met Eric and the kids on their way back from the beach. They loved their beach time, but it got a little too cold for them to stay long.
This area was a pretty great place for an adventure!