July 19, 2017

san fran: Golden Gate Park

I think a huge highlight of our trip was the day that we rented bikes and explored Golden Gate Park.

We stopped at the rose garden. And at other pretty places.

We saw the bison.

The windmill was a lovely little place.

On the windmill, there were these circles perfect for climbing into (with a little bit of effort on the high ones) if you ignored how dirty they were. Perry was pretty amazed at how high Kacin was.

We ate lunch at a sandwich shop near the coast. Then kept on biking to see more.

We stopped to see the horses (our kids are still obsessed with the show Heartland so they get excited to see horses).

We stepped off of our bikes for a little while so we could get out on the lake. We rented a pedal boat.

We stopped at a children's park to try out a cardboard slide (Jenny says they have these all over the city).

We had a quick bike by the conservatory of flowers. You may notice I have like four layers on. It was a cold day. But it feel nice to add layers on in San Francisco rather than not have any more layers to take off in Arizona.

Five hours on a bike plus one hour on a pedal boat! We were a little worn out but in a very good way. Golden gate park was absolutely beautiful and enjoyable and such a great place to explore on bikes.