July 23, 2017

san fran: china town and lombard street

It wasn't on our to-do list to drive the crooked street, but when we realized on our way to another destination that we were just a few blocks away anyways, we joined the parade of cars driving down Lombard street.

We also accidentally drove by the painted ladies at one point.

But my main purpose today is posting about china town. We decided to park at Jenny's house and then take public transportation to China Town.

We strolled the streets of china town and let the kids pick something small out to purchase.

We also found the fortune cookie factory. We got our free sample and then we made our own fortune cookies. Each of the kids wrote down a fortune. My personal favorite was what Perry told me to write, "Mommy Happy."

When we got back from our trip, we gave those special fortune cookies to grammie and papa. 

After our adventure in China town, we got Chinese food for dinner and ate it back at Jenny's house.

This day we went to China town was actually the 4th of July. Since we didn't do our normal 4th of July traditions it didn't really feel like a holiday. It was still a great day, just fun in a different way. We were planning on going to see a fireworks display, but everyone was so worn out we decided just to head back to our rental house and play games. We said goodbye to Jenny and on our drive home across the bridge we saw firework after firework shooting into the air in all different directions. We turned on patriotic music and I felt like our   Independence Day celebration was somewhat redeemed.